Sunday, December 18, 2005

Amaey's cytogenetic test

We got the results from Amaey's genetic test and they look positive. He is lot more happy nowadays and that really makes a huge difference. He wants to participate in things, walk around a little more. However I do find him on the floor quiet a few times either because he could not manage his weight or he just got tired and decided to just sit wherever he was.

And Renata Amaey's new food craving is rice and lentils with lots of ghee (indian butter). Macaroni and cheese is hitting the charts as well. He is not supposed to have too much salt so he sometimes cheats and indulges in 2 pretzels, 3 cashews and 2 chips. Ah! he is such a darling.

This saturday we went to Pasta Pomodoro as well. I heard him talking in his sleep that he was going to eat up all his penne in white sauce so we knew that we had to do our Pasta weekend again. We are trying to brainwash him to crave for another restaurant next week, we will see if we succeded.


Renata said...
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Renata said...

oh my, i bought macarroni and cheese today myself!!! yummi... :) had lentil soup yesterday, and... no cashews, but i have been attacking the nuts the walnut way... gotta try the ghee butter now! tell amaey i have been going to pasta pomodoro too, every week! i love thir spicy tomato sauce... actually, i go to the san mateo/hillsdale one! every thursday, after i hit the gym - if you go to the same one and the brainwashing takes a while to get into effect, i may see you there one of those days... food aside, i was really happy glad to read that the testing results were good and that he has been walking around. much love, renata. :)

Renata said...

ooops! i clicked the wrong button. but i guess my comment is back there now...:P

Monee Masi said...

Another Saturday has gone and I think it was going to be CPK and not Pasta Pomodoro this week. Did it happen? I hope Amaey you enjoyed your cheese pizza (was it Bellesimo!!!!!!!)?

I miss you guys and can't stop chatting about Amaey did this and Arjun did that.

Love you all loads.

Akhil said...

How many months have gone sinse we have met i miss you alot. By the way thank you for the books, glass frame making kit and not forgetting THE DIARY!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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