Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve

Amaey gave us the best christmas gift.
He woke up with a big smile on his face. Oh Did I forget to mention that the doctors stopped Amaey's steroids... why is this a highlight of our life right now??
Well we do not have a 'forever hungry' boy anymore.
Last night was the first night that our kitchen was not open. Amaey did not wake up to eat. Apurva and I could not sleep we kept tossing and turning and went to check in Amaey's room to make sure that he wasn't crying or calling us with intense hunger but everytime we would go to his room he was peacefuly sleeping.

Back to christmas eve morning... Amaey asked us if he could go and play in the backyard. The three of us were shocked and happy. It has been 2 months since Amaey has wanted to play. He stayed outside soaking up the sun. His feet did not have the energy to move the pedal so Arjun would push him (bang once in a while). They had a great time.

Amaey has been so happy and his energy seems to be coming back slowly. It's truly beautiful to watch him. Sometimes Apurva and I wonder what he must be thinking? If he has any idea about what is going on in his life? Does he wonder why his hair is falling? Why he cannot go to school and have any outings to his regular places like the bookstore or library or lego store? Does he wonder about any developmental problems that might come up in the future, side effects of all the medications...
Does it affect him as much as the thought really affects us?
Maybe not. He is so happy in the now, the fact that we are all at home and family is visiting... there is so much to learn from children.

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