Friday, December 09, 2005


December 9, 2005

Yesterday, Dec 8 was day 15 for Amaey's treatment. His masi(my sister) and I took him to the hospital at 12:30pm.
Amaey had 3 important question he wanted to ask the doctor
1) can I go to pasta pomodoro
2) can I have gummy vitamins
3) can I eat chips
Well we did ask the questions and the doctor said yes to all 3 but in moderation so Amaey was super thrilled.

It was supposed to be a routine chemo and blood work. But his blood work results showed that he was very neutropenic so they decided to give him some platelets and blood transfusion. It's 5pm and we are still waiting on the platelts.
We had been given a room in the day hospital and it's going to be a long evening so I asked Amaey if he was hungry.... BAD, BAD question. He breaks down and just wants to go home. He refuses to eat anything until he reaches home. 6pm we are worried that the cafeteria's in the hospital will close so I ask him if he has changed his mind.So he asks for boiled egg and onion rings.
Easy, I think, I have seen those in the cafe my sister goes down but comes back with burger and fries instead becasue they don't have what he wants. Terror is unleashed in the hospital room. Our little Amaey is worse than a pregnant woman with cravings right now. WHY? well it's the prednisone and the steroids he is getting.

Yesterday morning at 8am as he is waking up he says, "today i want to eat some Manchega cheese". Sounds simple but just day before yesterday he had told me he does not want me to buy any Manchega. Now I'm looking at the clock waiting for it to turn 9 so that Trader Joes will open it's doors and I will buy Manchega.

Couple days earlier around 6pm Amaey declares that he wants dinosaur chicken nuggets. I look through my overly full freezer but find none. So we pack everyone in the car and off we go to Costco (because that is the only place to find them). I leave the car heater and CD on for him, his brother and aunty since he cannot come to the store with us.
It's Christmas time and I'm at Costoc at 7pm... By the time I'm make my way out after a long serpentine check-out line it's nearly 8pm.
Amaey sees the yellow Dinosaur Nuggets box and is all smiles. I start my car but it refuses to start.
Oh No the battery is down!!
Now I have 2 hungry kids in the car, it's raining and cold and my car won't start. I call Apurva to rescue us. He comes in his car, we shamelessly take his car and come home while he fixes my car.

Let's see am I forgetting any other craving moments...
Oh yes, On the 7th he was reminiscing the stone soup party in his montessori. He gave me a list of things to buy because he wanted to have a stone soup party in the evening. We called up Apurva and asked him to come home early because Amaey really wanted to have the whole family for the party. He also wanted banilla(he calls vanilla- banilla) milkshake, and icecream soda for the party.
So off we go to safeway beacuse stone soup it will be for dinner today. However as the day progressesd he had changed his mind and decided he did not want the party after all and he'd rather eat scrambelled egg and yellow rice.

These are the little humorous moments that add to the mix of our several meds and treatments and procedures.


Mona masi said...

Amaey's smile when he was told he could do all of the 3 things was magical. Inspite of everything and all the frustration everytime he had a liottle energy he would give us the most beautiful smile.

Anonymous said...

Alpu masi-
i desparately want your phone number and had called up aunty in a'bad.but she is away in Shreenathji at the moment.
how's the brave boy and the strong ma doing at the moment?my lots of hug to both the boys.
shalak in his good night prayers never forgets to co memorate aamaey.Just remeber-God is Great.

Aditi said...

I Love this pic of his..Its my screensaver on the computer now :)