Monday, December 26, 2005

December 22, 2005

It’s 1 month today since Amaey was diagnosed. Feels strange that only 1 month has passed but it seems like the longest month ever.
Today we were scheduled for removing his Pic-lines that are on his right arm, they are also going to place a device in his chest called Port and take a bone marrow sample for a test called MRD and finally give him his chemo.
They had to do all of this under anesthesia so we were glad that our appointment was at 9:30am. He was already getting hungry by the time they took him to the operating room. Apurva and I got a beeper and waited for the procedure to get done. After 2hrs they called us and we got to talk with the surgeon that did the procedure. All was well and Amaey was in the recovery room so we went to see him there.
He was waking up from his anesthesia and was not happy. He hates being hooked up to all the monitors. The biggest thing to watch out for was fever and luckily he was stable so we could take him home after he drank some fluids.
2pm and we were home… it was wonderful to be back home.

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