Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 31, 2005

Waiting for the year to end.

I'm serious, this year has by far been the strangest year yet.
We came back from India in Jan. Then in Feb Apurva's dad got really sick and was hospitalized. Apurva and his sister flew there and stayed still he was stable and out of the hospital. As soon ashe was out of the hospital we found out that his mom had been hospitalized.
In March Apurva and Arjun went to India for spring break. Grandparents really wanted to see Arjun.
April I quit my job at KM after being there for 2.5years.
April, Apurva starts Team Training with Asha to run a marathon end of October.
April to July is a blur due to freelance deadlines, BlogHer Conference and I started working at MZ from 2nd week of July. New place, new responsibilities.
August, Amaey turned 3. We had family with us for the entire month and Apurva and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.
My best friend got married end of August and I was a bridesmaid.
September Arjun started 1st grade. A milestone in our life.
Amaey started his preschool.
September, Arjun underwent a surgery.
September, Arjun turned 6.
October, Apurva is in India for 2 weeks. His fourth visit in 1 year.
October 30 Apurva runs a marathon.
October and November, was the busiest month for me as a fulltime working mom. Juggling responsibilites at work, managing volunteeer hours at Arjun's class, 3 activities each for each child. We have halloween and then our Indian New Year.
We were, as a family, really looking forward to the Thanksgiving break to chillex and regroup as a family.
Well, November Amaey is diagnosed with Leukemia.
December, Apurva's dad is hospitalized again. They do not inform us for almost a week because he was hospitalized the same day as I had to be taken to ER with my back.
December, our first nephew-the first grandchild (on my parents side) is married.
Now it's 1 more day and it will be a whole new year.

What miracle am I expecting for the next year?? Nothing really. All I want is the year to end that's all. Talking with friends and family it seems that this year was really strange for quite a few people. For a few it was a year of new beginnings and some moved on while others had a ton going on as well.

I never start a year with expectations so I do not really have any reason to look forward to the New Year. But I have never also wished for a year to go... vanish in thin air...the way I'm wishing for this year to end.

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