Friday, December 09, 2005

It's all relative

December 9, 2005
While we were at the hospital yesterday, there was another little girl sharing the room with her parents. She was getting blood transfusion as well. After Amaey went through his bouts of crying and being grumpy for not getting his boiled egg and onion rings (which mind you he has never eaten before) The dad of the little girl asked, "is he on dexamethosone?" yup I say. Both parents nodded and smilled a very familiar smile, like we've been through this... we sympathize.

I told him that it was Day 15 for us and they were in their 6mth mark. Then suddenly dad said something, "well, it's good they are little it is much easier". I'm too civil so I just nod in agreement but inside I'm screaming, "NO, it's not easy, he is only 3yrs old. He cannot differentiate between nausea and hunger, stomach pain and bone pain. All he can do is cry".
But then it's all realtive right... they have reached the 6mth mark they have dealt with this longer.

Another comment he made was truly amazing. He said, " girls take much less time in recovery compared to boys. So is your roadmap for 3yrs or 3.5yrs?" At that point I just look at him in amazement. He is so happy to be able to compare his child with mine and know that she is much better off than Amaey. It could be much worse, right?
I really did not want to say anything that would take him away from his comfort zone. From his few minutes of peace that he made with himself.

I live each moment as it comes. I totally know what is going in that dad's mind, what guilt demons he must have fought and how he must have come to terms. It's all relative from where I'm sitting and viewing the world.


Mona masi said...

I was there with Pui and Amaey in the room! For me the conversation itself was wierd. I had thoughts going through my mind and to be honest I was in awe of the dad and Pui. I was thinking how strong and positive they were.

Atsuko said...

I just read your blog and was suprised by the news. About the same time in last month, we found out one of my relatives also got leukemia. Because of that, I've been such an expert of researching on Leukemiais in Japanese; even we said that a chance of recovery from the leukemia is high as your freind mentioned before.

Amaey's conversation made me laugh. I wonder where he got the idea of "boiled egg and onion rings." It reminds me, when Nick and I visited your house, he was running around the house with a big smile to looking for his Thomas. He was funny :)

The treatment might last a few years. So, please do not burn yourself out. We pray for Amaey and your family.