Monday, December 26, 2005

Medical twins

This is a story that will stay close to us for a long time.
When we were initially diagnosed and in the Oncology unit one of the nurses told us that there was a little girl on the same floor who was diagnosed with exactly the same thing as Amaey.
On day 15 when Amaey had his procedure and chemo we meet a mom and grandmom of a little girl waiting to go for her procedure. We were chatting and found out that little E is just 3months younger to Amaey and she came in to ER the same day and same time as Amaey and they both are undergoing the exact same treatment. Is that warped or what?
Day 29 we see them again. We were exchanging our late night food craving stories. Later in the recovery room the ICU nurses were talking about the two cases. The anesthesiologists were amazed that two cases back-to-back can be ditto thus they call them the medical twins.

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