Thursday, December 15, 2005

Taxi driver

Yesterday Amaey tells me he wants to be a taxi driver. Sure I was surprised so I asked him why a taxi driver? So that I can drive my sister Aditi/Adidi (apurva's niece) to the airport when she needs to go to Michigan.
Amaey loves his cousin sister a lot. It is an amazing bond he has with her. The minute she comes home he asks her to get her computer out and go to and They can play for hours. He also loves her cell phone ringtone. Everytime it rings you can see his eyes sparkle and he will start dancing.

Yesterday Mr Phillips and Ms Christie from his montessori stopped by with a box of treasures and a beautiful book signed by all the teachers.
I was in deep sleep due to my vallium and ibuprofen but my sister told me that Amaey ran to the door and was delighted to see them. All the children from his montessori have made him cards and placed them in a box decorated by them as well.

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