Monday, March 27, 2006

Day Hospital

It's been 4 months since Amaey's diagnoses and Day 5 of his delayed intensification. I had to take him to the day hospital since he was to get another chemo today. I told Amaey in the morning that we need to go again but not for blood test or at the clinic but to the room with the big TV and he looks at me with his gorgeous eyes and says, "where I got my platlets?" I just stared at him in shock... "how do you remember that" I really do not know how that boy remembers all this.
Maybe he feels in control when he knows what is going on.

He has slowed down with all the new chemo drugs and steroids. All day long we hear him say he is tired and he has a headache or bodyache. But he can't seem to stop himself... he keeps running after Arjun and suddenly pants and slows down.
He is also going into this phase a really strong boy compared to when we started the treatment in November. We are lot more educated about the phase and side effects as well. Regardless, he seems to be in great spirits so that really helps.

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