Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 5 2006

Amaey is doing really well at the moment.
We go to his music class every tuesday and school whenever weather permits.
His next phase called Delayed Intensification starts end of March and will last for 8 weeks. The doctor has warned us to brace ourselves for that phase since they will be giving him dexamethasone for 21 days and he will get 2 new drugs. We feel we are less anxious and better prepared now so it should be OK.

My parents will leave by end of March so it will be the 4 of us for the first time since Amaey's diagnoses. In a way we are looking forward to that. As a family the four of us need to chill and bond.

We do feel really blessed to have such a wonderful family who came to our support when we were in need.

I'm settling into motherhood as well. I'm quite enjoying it. I'm involving myslef more in Arjun's school and have finally taken up the much needed home decoration projects. I cannot get over the irony of life though... when one is making money one does not have time to spend it and when one has all the time in the world to spend because they are not working anymore... they need to tighten up.

My parents say this is part of life. They went through such phases much earlier in life when they had to move from the village to the city and then put kids through school, take care of relatives, family, parents and the ever needy neighbors and distant relatives. They say that our responsibilites, nowadays, are shrinking thus whenever something comes up it is magnified.

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