Monday, March 06, 2006

UC Berkeley survey

Today a lady from UC stopped by. We are participating in the research for the cause of childhood leukemia. The interview took 2 hours. She asked me questions on my life, eating, drinking, recreational habits starting from 3 months before pregnancy until Amaey was 3 years of age.

She had food portion sizes, drinking glass sizes. I did not have answers to all the questions and some of them might not have been super accurate because I do not remember if I drank 2 glasses of wine or 5 glasses of wine 3 months prior to getting pregnant. And I definitely do not know how many servings of fruit Apurva consumed in his life up until now.

This survey did feel like a needle in a haystack.

My question to her was... I keep hearing environmental causes. I said, I come from India and in my 22 years that I was there I must have heard of 2 cases of childhood leukemia... In a country that is over populated, there are no smog tests. Sure cases might not be diagnosed or there might be many other reasons... but still what could be so wrong witht he environment here?
She did not have an answer.

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