Thursday, April 13, 2006

My day with Amaey- by Arjun

Amaey isn't feeling that good and he cries a lot now. This makes me feel sad.
Amaey I hope you get very better soon and get very happy.

Today I went to his hospital and I saw everything. It was very nice. I liked going there. He was so strong when he did his bloodwork. And I was making him breath. I was very impressed.
Then we went to the clinic. We had to wait a lot there. I played games and it was very fun. I liked doing that. Then we went in the room where I met his doctor. His doctor was really nice. When the doctor was with amaey I made 2 nice nice drawings and I read a very long book to Amaey.

Then we went to lunch. And then we went to get cars our hotwheel cars. It was a special day with me and Amaey.

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