Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Am I going to be blonde

Now that Amaey's hair is coming back he very seriously asked us if he was going to get blonde hair. All of us in the room cracked up hysterically. He did not know what was so funny... he just stared in disbelief.
I don't know what made him think about blonde hair but just visualizing his dark face and features with blonde hair does crack me up... Some day as a teenager I have no idea what this boy will end up doing. But on my watch I'd say the new set of hair looks pretty darn black to me.

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Renata said...

well, how can we explain to amaey that blond is not bad... it is just... not for everyone... some people, like him, just look really charming and handsome with brown hair - i think he should keep it that way. or maybe go for a few green or blue strands... just few though! ;p