Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nov 22 2006

Wrote this in November but did not have a chance to publish it so here goes...

This Thanksgiving was normal. We did everything as planned. I kept staring at Amaey, checking his forehead for fever, I kept waiting for things to get wrong. But the weekend went beautifully. We had really wonderful family time.

It's been a year since I started this blog. It has been a year since Amaey was diagnosed and is on treatment. It has been a trying path but one that has taught us a lot.

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Jyoti said...

After so many years of not being in contact Purvi,I wish it was on a happier note.
I remember your beautiful smile,your infectious laugh and your twinkling eyes.... seems like a distant dream when we were young girls not carrying the burden of life.
Amaey must have been an Angel that was far too exceptional for this world but his love will always live on in your heart.
Your gift for writing has brought him to life , although I did'nt meet him, through your words I feel I did.
They say time heals all the pain, I think we just learn to accept it better. I wish for you, peace of mind ...keep writing and sharing my beautiful friend.
with lots of love and hugs Jyoti x