Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Camp Okizu 07

We went to Camp Okizu again this year. We decided to go early in April which was not perfect timing weather wise - regardless we had a great time. The minute we got there the boys ran off to play with the ball game. They were really comfortable and that was great. We played sorry and chat with other familes. The night was freezing cold. We did not have enough blankets to keep us all warm and next morning it started to rain just as we were making our way to the zipline.

As we stood in line it started pouring-cold rain and we decided... what's the worst that can happen? We all had such an amazing time. Amaey did the zipline all on his own and that was quite an accomplishment. Arjun moved on to being tarzan and climbed a tree and swayed off to other trees while Apurva decided he wanted to cross trees mid air.

We decided to leave that night because it was really pouring and did not seem like it would stop the following day.

We are already looking forward to our next year at camp okizu.

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