Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Disneyland Summer 07

We went to Disneyland on June 18 on the first day of kids summer break. This summer since Amaey is doing well we decided to hit the jackpot and take all the vacations and family travels.
We drove to LA and spent 1 day at Disneyland and the other at California Adventures. I usually am a snob about going to Disney but this time we planned it such that no one felt burnt out and the kids were so well behaved that it was a wonderful family vacation.

The 3rd day we went to Camarillo. Our family loves the sand and sea and what better place than Camarillo. Seriously... the entire beach was to ourselves, we had a picnic basket full of goodies and lots of sand toys. The boys went walking on the beach and collected a lot of shells and rocks. Arjun, Amaey and Apurva built a beautiful sandcastle, our family tradition.

While Amaey and Apurva took a nap Arjun and I walked the beach and looked for crabs and climbed some rocks. Before we realized we had spent the entire day at the beach and were really satisfied when we hit the road to drive back home.

The most amazing thing-- Amaey jumped the waves. He went all by himself to the water and stayed there. This is unlike him because he used to cry like crazy at the sound of waves crashing the shore and would run as far as possible when the waves would come in.

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