Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Team in Training

I joined TNT on Feb 07 and trained for the half Marathon. My event was on May 6 at the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt county. It was a wonderful experience. Both Apurv and I felt that we did not have a choice in inviting ALL into our life but now that it is an integral part we might as well learn more and do whatever we can. The pictures below are from (top to bottom) 15 miles, 12 miles which was our midway madness and Arjun and Amaey gave out medals to everyone. Amaey was also the honoree of the day, 10 miles and 6 miles respectively.

When I started the training and completed 2 miles the first 2 weeks it felt like a lost cause to try for 13 miles. However, the training was really good and the coaches and mentors and team leaders were all genuinely vested in the event. I finished my event in 3hrs and 5 mins and felt really wonderful to have the 3 boys at the finish line.

I have signed up for the next season and am planning to walk-run the Nike half Marathon on October 14 and Santa Barbara half on Nov 3. Will keep everyone posted.

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