Monday, November 09, 2009

2 of 8 Methotrexate

We are in the hospital.
This is 2nd of 8 hospital stays for this round of treatment. We got to the hospital around 12:30pm. Once we settled down they hooked him up and started hydrating him. At 8pm they will start his chemo. He gets this chemo for 24hrs. After that their goal is to flush the chemo out of his body. They keep hydrating him until the chemo is at 0.1 level. This process can take 3-4 days. So we will definitely be here until Thursday.

We are at the El Camino Hospital so it is a bit farther away from home. At the moment they do not allow anyone under the age of 19 so Arjun or his friends cannot stop by to visit him.

We have officially started his home schooling. The school district sends a tutor for 5hrs a week. We are really blessed to have his teacher from school as his home school teacher. She is here at the hospital and working with Amaey. I just heard him pick on his teachers handwriting. Only Amaey would do that, tell as it is...
We watched Jurassic Park at night, it was really fun.

Day 2 was fine. 
The hospital is moving to a new location this weekend so the entire floor was deserted. They had already packed up the play room, no books, and not much else to do. They wheeled the gamecube to his room. Which helped distract him now and then. around 1pm Calvin the hospitals teacher dropped by and we all walked Amey to the school which is on the same floor. I took my computer there and worked. The two of them finished all the homework and spent almost an hour playing math games on the computer. By the time we went back to the room it was 4. Amaey was really happy. The two of us read, played sequence (I lost all the games.) Apurva came to the hospital around 8:30. After all the change of duty hand offs I went home.

Day 3, the two boys spent the day together. 
Apurva took the day off since it was Veterans day and Arjun was home. Apurva said that Amaey had a busy day between Mrs G tutoring him and Renu-Sunil stopping by (with his penne pasta). This time around Amaey did not want to look at the hospital food. Even the smell grossed him out. We took all his meals from home. He asked for milkshake, quesedilla, linguine in red sauce, corn, sliced apple, different types of snacks. It was a great idea because this is the first time he ate well. 
At night they watched Pink Panther and around 10:30pm I got a call from them saying he was going to come back home. This was real good news because he never comes home within 3 days. This chemo always takes 4-5 days.
It was so wonderful to see him all happy. It was wonderful to have everyone back home.

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renata said...

today is thursday, and i just logged in to check how things went for the past couple of days. hope the hospital stay went as well as it could, and that you back home and doing great. :)