Monday, November 30, 2009

All negative

All the tests that they did on Amaey to figure out why he spiked a fever came negative. So he did not have a viral or bacterial infection.
After consulting with all of doctors in their team they found out that one of the doctors had a similar case many years ago where the child spiked a high fever after getting this chemo and had a low blood pressure as well.
So they are going to tread with caution and give Amaey pre-meds before administering this chemo. They think Amaey has an allergy to the meds.

We are relieved in a way to know that it wasn't any infection. Because we have been very careful with washing hands having people over letting Amaey go anywhere. We just couldn't figure out where he would have caught the infection. Then we thought we should have Arjun stop swimming maybe Arjun is bringing the germs.

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