Monday, November 16, 2009

Hospital Today

We are in the hospital for (non-stay) chemo today.
Apurva and I were worried that Amaey will not make counts. He had dark circles under his eyes and we thought he might need blood or platelet transfusion. But we were proved wrong and that was good.
We are in a room now and after giving him some zofran they will start his chemo. Hopefully we will go home in 3 hrs.

Amaey is busy watching the food network. The Barefoot Contessa is cooking up some classics.

Amaey wants to cook a meal for Thanksgiving. While I'm driving he takes my iphone. I think he is playing games but today I realized he surfs for recipes. He is so cute.


Aman said...

wow!!!!thats actually so cute

renata said...

hi, i hope the week went well. i know you haven't had much time to check e-mail but just got a message that i want to forward to you. it sounds like a new show from your favorite network is coming to the area... :)