Thursday, November 26, 2009

Moved down to 1 North

Apurva helped move Amaey out of ICU and down to the Oncology unit yesterday around 1pm.
When I came in at 3:30 his heart rate was between 80-90 and had no fever since 10am when they gave him tylenol. He looked much better.

He kept complaining of pains in his abdomen and it was hard for him to take a deep breathe.
After Apurva left, the two of us settled down but both of us were in a funk and not in a mood to do much. Finally around 7pm he tried to eat dinner but the smell of the food made him gag. So I did not force him. He changed and had some pediasure and the two of sat and watched The throwdown on Food Network and then MythBusters and called it a night around 10pm.

He wanted me to sleep with him in his bed until he fell asleep and that really felt good to me. That meant he was feeling better and was aware of his environment.

Since he is connected to the monitor the night was hard because every time he would move the monitor would beep. His oxygen band connected to his finger kept coming off so the monitor was pretty unhappy. Finally at 6am the nurse put a more stable band on his finger and the two of us finally slept until 8am.

This morning was quite a wonderful treat. Amaey woke up a happy bunny. He was his usually chatterbox and all smiles. He brushed, changed and ate some cheerios. Yipee!

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