Thursday, November 26, 2009

So mad

I have been brewing anger for a few days and in the hospital today I thought I would explode.

When the doctors told us about Amaey's hospital stay over thanksgiving I had a natural outburst, I did not want us to be in the hospital over this long weekend. i just didn't. Also, I had tickets to Florida for my niece's engagement.

The doctor and Apurva both insisted that we should stick to protocol and if Amaey is doing well we should administer his chemo which was only 2.5 days in the hospital so technically he would be home by Wednesday and I could still fly on Thursday.

I'm mad at Apurva and the doctor for ruining a perfectly calm weekend. Amaey was so looking forward to cooking and celebrating and it would have been a nice catch-up time for the boys.
I was so looking forward to be attending my niece's engagement. I will be honest, I was looking forward to a break. Sleeping in the plane, alone. Just disconnecting and recharging.

I can understand that protocol is important but I wish I was more adamant. I'm so mad at myself too. I wish I had put my foot down a little harder and made a bigger stink. I think if Amaey had had this 1 week off he would have had a chance to relax. He was so upset about being admitted too. On Monday he kept hoping his counts were low so that they would not admit him. After they gave us the green light to get admitted I still had my doubts, he looked slow- that's OK, he has a runny nose- that's Ok. Are you sure he looks Ok for this chemo that really knocks him down?

One part of me wants to understand where Apurva and the doctor were coming from. Let's stay on target. Let's make sure we don't mess the treatment up. Let's not cut any corners and lets dot all the i's and cross all the t's. But on the other hand... I wonder if we could have avoided this stress and pain.

Amaey asked me why I was letting him go through chemo when I believed so much in natural treatments. I had to look straight in his eyes and tell him that I don't have a magic pill. All the natural stuff that I'm doing is just to help him feel better but I do not really have a solution up my sleeve, chemo is the only alternative to what he has.
I felt really sad that I couldn't give him any false hopes.

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