Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A friend of mine gave me this amazing book called, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz. For the first month the book just sat in the kitchen. I did not want to open it or indulge in it. Then on a whim I leafed through it and was surprised at the amount of information that was in the book.

The book talks about foods for 2 days before chemo, week of chemo, in between chemo. When one has mouth sores, nausea, upset stomach and such side effects of chemo. It also talks about foods for neutropenia, anemia, and such.
Preparing for Amaey's hospital stay I decided to make the Magic broth. When Amaey was in the hospital few weeks ago I took it for him with no expectation that he will ask for it. To my surprise he drank it up and asked for more the second day. Apurva and I were so surprised. This boy never eats anything when he is on chemo. He is constantly hydrated and the smell of the food in the hospital grosses him out so put those two together and he has no real appetite.

Now that the Magic Broth worked I started reading the book closely. When Amaey was at home during the winter break I made a Chocolate Banana smoothie, Mango Coconut Smoothie and Triple Berry Smoothie. He had them all with great taste. The Chocolate Banana Smoothie has almond butter in it and he did not complain... wow heaven.

Next I went to the soups and made spicy sweet potato soup, carrot, fennel and orange soup, and watercress orange soup. He slurped them up. You have no idea what this means. Apurva just called from the hospital to tell me that Amaey ate up all the carrot fennel orange soup and would like some more for tomorrow. I'm really ecstatic.

For tomorrow I have made him a Healing tea. It has cinnamon, cardamon, coriander, and ginger in it. When he is ready to drink it I will mix in almond milk, maple syrup and a hint of vanilla essence. Not sure if he will like it... I'm really curious.

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