Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meds at home

When Amaey came home with the ivy antibiotics, it was a great idea. He could continue his meds without being in the hospital. He was in the comfort of his environment, had all his playdates, got to be with Arjun and sleep in his own bed.

However, I was on the edge. I can only speak for myself... Amaey needed his meds at 8:30 and 11pm and then at 7am and 3pm. We had to take his meds out of the fridge 30mins ahead of time. I seriously could not sleep for those days. Being responsible for your child in this way is hard. I was a nurse, sanitizing everything, flushing him and pushing meds through his port. I kept worrying that if I do something wrong he could get an infection. The night I gave him his last dose, I slept like a baby. It wasn't a hard thing to do but for some weird reason there was so much anxiety.

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