Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was cleaning my wallet and one after another I took out receipts for CPK, Panda Express, Chevy's ...

I started thinking about all the restaurants we have eaten at thanks to Amaey's cravings. I wish I had saved all the receipts, I could have made a nice collage or even a book. I was really curious so I started writing down all the restaurant names and this is what I got-- (the first 7 were absolute cravings from his meds)

- Pasta Pomodoro
- Annapoorna
- Fresh Choice
- Chevy's
- Shiki's
- Panda Express
- La Cumbre
- Red Brick Pizza
- Sino
- Sweet Breams
- Yogurtouille
- China Kitchen
- King Yuan
- University Cafe
- Zao's
- Pasta Primevera
- Mr Pickles
- Quiznos
- Amici's
- Shabuway
- Elephant Bar & Grill

There are many more that I can't remember full names of. I remember the time I was at Panda Express 3 to 4 times a week. Amaey would wake up dreaming of the penne in alfredo sauce. Then he moved to the Hillsdale Mall Food Court. I tried everything there while he settled with Panda. At some point I would shrink at the site of the food court. For the longest time CPK was top of the charts. And then he was in a phase where he had to try different cuisine each time we went out.

Quite a wild culinary ride that is still evolving. With his love for science and food I wonder if he will become a food scientist in life.

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