Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7 months

We started a science award in Amaey's school.
5 finalists were choosen from the graduating 5th grade science fair. The decision was based on Coolness factor(what would Amaey find cool), creativity, and actual scientific method. we asked the 5 children to write an essay on how and why they are passionate about science.

On April 19 we awarded the first, Amaey Shah Passion for Science award. It was a bitter sweet event for the 3 of us. Amaey told me he wanted to grow up and work for NASA. He wanted to go to the red planet. He wanted to invent jet shoes. When he got glasses I told him, Amaey an astronaut cannot wear glasses, I'm sorry baby you might not be able to become an astronaut but hey, by the time you grow up maybe rules would have changed. His science teacher, Madame Atom said that maybe he could do the more important job of staying down and making sure the people up there knew what they were doing. 

These possibilities made him quite happy with the future prospects. He wanted to grow up and be famous. He knew that science was his thing.

When science let him down, he was sad.

 On the radio I keep hearing about private missions to the moon. Plans to get to mars. Making manned missions more possible in this lifetime. In Hindu philosophy we believe in reincarnation. We believe that something that you did not get to complete in your life, you will be born again to take care of it. Maybe in his current life, this is all the time he was given. Maybe he had to go through what he did as part of his last life. Now he is free. Free to start fresh. Free to do whatever he wants in a new body. I would like to believe that someday he will be able to fulfill his dreams with a healthy and happy body.

I love you Amaey, wherever you are.


Renata said...

I saw the postings on FB and started wondering right away... what was the winner/coolest project about?? :)

Lisa Stone said...

I agree Renata -- I would love to see who won! What a neat award.