Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Piano lessons

I decided to take piano lessons at Amaey and Arjun's music school. I started in January and I'm really loving it. I feel like I'm playing for Amaey. When I'm struggling I look at his photo and I can see him asking me to not be hard on myself and keep trying. When I do really well, I feel he is proud of me.

I can feel him hovering around the piano jumping from his left to right feet. He could never stand still when he was excited. He loved hopping on his feet.
He would have been a great teacher. I know he would. When he was learning, I did not know how to read music so when he needed help I was of no use.
There is a song he was learning towards the end... The Spanish bolero, I think. He played it in the hospital. He would serenade the nurses with that tune. I loved that tune. That is what I'm aspiring to get to. My instructor told me... It's atleast 2-3 books away, quite advanced. He made it seem so easy. Well I'm up for the challenge...

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