Friday, May 25, 2012

8 months today

I met a friend at Trader Joes today and she was asking me how I was... my instant reaction is to say I'm ok, each day is different, but today, in my head I was counting the months and hours. I don't mean to. That is not what I want to remember. That is not how I want to remember Amaey either but somehow all the days around the 25th seem to be building up to a climax that I don't want to re-live.

I was sitting with Arjun and Apurva and told Arjun that this might be the last auction for Kids & Art and Arjun looks at me and says why? I said, do you want to be associated with cancer for all your life? Don't you want to move on now that Amaey is not with us? Do you think we should continue with Kids & Art? And without blinking he said, if Amaey was here he would have said, Ma I'm not the only child with Leukemia...

Yes, that is true, that is what Amaey would have said. Arjun knows him so well. That is the Amaey I want to remember. The compassionate, giving, and loving Amaey.

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