Monday, June 25, 2012

9 months

We are in London right now after spending 12 days in Italy.

Amaey would have loved the food in Italy. We ate amazing food everyday. Pasta and pizza was among Amaey's favorite foods. We don't think he would have liked Rome much. Yes the colosseum would have been a wow for him. Venice would have been enchanting for him. We think he would have liked the way the city does not need plumbers because the tide clears up the canals. He would have been fascinated with the several canals and the fact that there are no cars in the city. Florence, he would have really liked. We went to the Galileo Museum because we know he would have wanted to see it. We were so glad we did because it was an amazing collection of inventions. The way the room was designed, the way the exhibits were arranged, the clear explanations, the movies explaining all the I vent ions... It was quite spectacular.  Arjun and Apurva took so long in the museum that I left, sat at a bar, had my tea and foccacia and went back to the museum and they were still not done.

Here in London, Amaey would have loved to see his cousins and masi's and masa's. If you were to see Akhil, my sisters son, Amaey would have grown up to look like him. It is wonderful to see him. Akhil came to US in August 2011 and was there for Amaey's 9th b'day. He and Arjun would come and play games with Amaey in the hospital. 

Today, Arjun went to the Harry Potter World with his cousin Anokhi. Would Amaey have wanted to be there? He really liked all the Harry Potter books but did not really enjoy the last 2 movies. He thought that they overdid it by dividing the last movie into two parts. He and I re watched HP 2 many times in the hospital. We also decided to re watch the entire series but when it came to the last 2, Amaey did not enjoy them. He found them too loud and dark  and it wasn't something he wanted to do. 

Today, I went for coffee with my sister Bhavna, we were taking about a lot of different things. I wanted to know what time it was when they got the call about Amaey and she said it was 7:30am in London on Sept 26. As soon as Amaey had passed, I had called my sister Mona and told her ammu was no more and he was still here if they wanted to say anything to him for his journey. I kept my phone next to his ear while all four of them talked with him. 

Here in London, we keep talking about ammu. We talk about him whenever we think he would like something or find something weird. his family has been cooking amazing meals and tomorrow we are planning to go for dim sum in Leicester Square, and this meal is totally for ammu. Last time we were here in 2008, we went for dim sum and to the transport museum, and Amaey and Arjun had had the best time of their life. I know tomorrow he will be with us too.

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