Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amazing Amaey

I wrote this in January. I'm thinking of doing an illustrated Book about Amaey. I spent some time talking with a book illustrator and she needed s little story about Amaey. So this is what I came up with--

Never thought he was sick
Did not consider himself less fortunate
Always had a smile on his face
Always lived in the moment
Loved life
Was very witty
Had a lot to offer to everyone, whether it was in the class setting, with his family, his friends or at the hospital
Loved his brother and always thought he and his brother would buy a 2 storey house and live together, yes even after they were married and had kids.
Believed in science
Wanted to play his piano like Omar Sossa
Wanted to do a throw down with Bobby Flay
He was an avid reader and picked his reading material very carefully
Wasn't easily swayed by people or fads or trends, instead he made his own rules

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