Thursday, June 21, 2012


Italy, we are in fattoria il lago, out in the middle of Tuscany. It takes an hour to get here from Florence, it's a small town, village I should say. Once you get to the farm, you forget everything. You forget that it took you 2.5 hrs to get here instead of 1. You forget that you finally made it in at 2am. You just forget everything. The cool nights breeze, the chirping of the birds, the wide expanse of lush green mountains and vineyards all around you take you away... The view outside our room is pure, all I see as far as my eyes can see is greenery. The Small chapel on the property is lit with lights. The 4 other villas are close but not too close. 

We went swimming in the pool and for a hike on the farm. Apurva wanted to carry on but I was too hot so I walked back. As I'm making my way, I feel ammu walking by me. I kissed my hand because I could feel his hand on mine. It was so beautiful that I did not want the moment to pass. We walked downhill for a while and I was peaceful. As I took a turn on the road, I knew he was not there anymore. I knew I was walking by myself. The weight on my hands was gone. No one was holding me hand. I had a warm smile in the 95 degree heat. 

I cannot express how beautiful that moment was. I have heard such stories and considered them fibs. But, I have had so many such special moments now that I know that these visits are real and special. 

I went for a walk after dinner, I think it was 10pm. The farm is lit up in a few lights and then all you can see is some distant light on the mountains and lights from the village square all the way down in the valley. The breeze is cold and the air smells fresh of jasmine and earth and sometimes just of the dry grass that is being packed into bales. As I left the columns that mark the entrance to the villas I could see some lights flickering. I kept walking towards the dark path wooded with trees. It was a bit spooky because it was pitch dark. I was really curios about the little flashing lights and as I kept walking I realized that I had fireflies all around me. I have read about fireflies and seen them in illustrations but never seen them in real life. I did not know that something could amaze me in this way. I felt like a little girl in an enchanted forest. I felt like I had a special showing of beauty.... All for me, unspoilt and breathtaking.

I turned back and took the path that went down toward the village, there was some light from the fattoria glowing my path intermittently. But whenever there was a dark patch I would see my firefly friends gliding effortlessly. 

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Im so glad Amaey visited you in the way he did. I hope you have many more such moments and I hope you always feel his presence

Much love from India