Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25

This date arrives and stops me in my tracks.

I like that too. I call it my day with Amaey. I like to sit and just think about him today. I like to be within myself and just be. Sometimes I'm upset, sometimes, happy, sometimes I just want to go over everything that happened on that day.

How do I feel today?

I had lunch with a dear friend after a long time. I went and worked out in the gym with my niece. I took a power nap. In the evening I wanted to light a candle next to his photo and cry. His beautiful photo just looks straight at you with his big priceless smile. He is really trying to tell you, it's ok, he is really happy.

I love you Amaey. It's 10mths today.... How can time just go by? We, the living have to keep living, time keeps passing, we have to wake up the next day and the day after...

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