Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living legacy

For everyone that reads this blog, for whoever knew Amaey, I urge you to write your memories of him.  Memories is all we have and I know he made his own connections with people. I know he touched everyone in his own sweet way. Please share that and help us see that part of Amaey.

Someday, when Arjun grows and maybe has moved out... I know he will want to read this blog. I know he will stumble upon this wealth of stories and pain and joy.

I'm scared that if I don't write down all my little memories with him... over time they will fade. That will be such a loss. I want to capture them and treasure them. Please help me do that.


Anokhi said...

So let me start off. Amaey was an amazing kid, we all know that!! I only really met him three times. The first was him as a little baby so adorable and full of laughs. My main memory of that was him running around in our old house in his nappy watching booba. It was this random cartoon with big round things skipping rope but he could not stop giggling it was really hilarious to watch. We were all wondering whether they were saying something funny in bab language :D

Then you all came when the boys were a bit older, can't remember how old, but they were already really into hotwheels and were convinced that they would work together when they were older designing and making real life hotwheels cars. They were going to design one for akhil and me :D Oh and even from then amaey and arjun wanted to live together when they were older! amazing bond- more special then most siblings have, they were best friends!!! They were into lego then making planes or soemthing then jumping off the sofas and crashing them, Im sure aks will mention something like that when he writes :D What fun we had.

They were so young then, Im sure arjun doesnt remember it, but from then amaey was into chemistry! He was telling me about the periodic table and when I got home from school one day I told him all about my 2Mg + O2 -> 2MgO experiment which produced a huge big spark and he was so intently listening. I'll never forget that, already a budding and inquisitive scientist.

Then we came to the states :D Amaey had his little song about his lion teddy Roary :D He'd teach us the words and then say 'no not like dat' and start all over again. So patient and intent for us to get it perfect! Him and arjun used to count PT cruisers which was their way of passing time in the car :D that was fun. We had a great time.

Akhil got to see him one more time last summer. I really wish i'd been there because they all bonded really beautifully but I do have some lovely memories of amu :D

But I suppose one thing everyone will agree with is that we all remember him huge smile!!! We all miss you greatly xx

Purvi Shah said...

Anokhi, yes you are so right, the two boys always wanted to live together when they grew up. At some point when we were thinking of moving, they made a proposal to us... can we buy this house and then add another floor so that Amaey can live on the top floor with his family and kids and Arjun can live downstairs.

Roary is with Evette now, she is his keeper and she is taking amazing care of him.

Thank you so much for sharing these memories.

Purvi Shah said...

Hi Purvi,

Thank YOU for letting us be part of the wonderful gathering in remembrance of Amaey. It was so nice to be able to share our memories of Amaey and how he touched our lives. One conversation I remember on the way to school, I asked him what he was going to do over the weekend. He was soo excited about going to the Lucas Ranch. I remember seeing him with Arjun playing with their light sabers in the front yard. He was really lucky to have opportunities to go to places and do things and that is because of your earnestness to provide him with these opportunities. He really did live life to the fullest.

I think that you and your family are remarkably strong and very generous in letting us be part of your lives.

Thank you again.


Purvi Shah said...


Earlier tonight, I sat down with Gabriel to read a book together.  Sitting in front of us in a coil was a small stuffy snack.  He picked it up and smiled.  "Amaey had a snake just like this one and when he would come over and see my snake, he would say, 'you stole my snake!'.  When I would go to his house, I would say the same thing.  We would go back and forth accusing each other and then laugh together and then always end up hugging. "

I love when these fond memories pop up out of nowhere.