Friday, December 21, 2012

Turning a new leaf

Nov 16, 12:30pm) 14hrs to a destination. All in one flight. Crazy how I ended up getting myself into this. Frankly I did not realize when I booked my flight. After my debacle with the Emirates flight I think I'm becoming phobic of flying.

But that is not good. I like to travel and I want to be able to travel. So I decided that I was going to try harder. I went and bought myself Bose headphones, something I have waited for a long time now. then I bought Arjun and me neck pillows. This time the way i have packed my hand bag is important too. I have one bag with my socks and slippers and cream. Another bag with protein snacks. Another little bag of grapes. A ziplock with all my herbal remedies. An empty bottle to fill water and one for hot water for tea. I'm set right. Sounds like a pro to me. 1 hour down, 13 more to go.

As soon as we sat down I sprayed my nose with saline and put artificial tears in my eyes. Next, cream on my feet and then I covered my feet with my big soft orange socks. Checked my inflight magazine to see what movies they have, took a codeine with Tylenol before my tooth inflamed and rested my eyes for bit.

One other important thing I have decided to do is keep a positive outlook the entire flight. No complaining if the seat is small. No grumbling if the service sucks. No attempts at unbalancing my chakras.

I'm going to read the night circus, or keep journaling my hours away. Arjun and I have cards so we can play a game of BS if we want. Most of the time I hope to be tuning the world out with my noise canceling headphones.

2:00) Oh it's been 1.5hrs and they are bringing food out for everyone. Total Recall might be the perfect onflight movie to watch. Bye for now.

3:20) Lunch served and eaten. I had asked for Hindu vegetarian meal. Who gives chickpeas on a flight? Seriously Cathay? Don't you have any regard for thy neighbors? Well I didn't eat them, I just ate the rice, salad, and green beans but still...

I started watching total recall and gave up within 15min. Big bang theory episode was much better. Arjun on the other end is cracking up over men in black 3. I'm not sure what I plan to do next. Maybe I should get up and walk a little. Yup that's a good idea.

4:50) I went and walked up and down the aisle. As I was walking I saw that they had beautiful, fresh, red apples. Oh fresh fruit to eat up in the air is always great. I took my juicy apple and sat down to watch Step Up Revolution. Just 15 min in the movie, I noticed that the gentleman sitting in the seat next to Arjun's wasn't looking to good. I asked his wife and she said that he was sweating a lot. I told her that I do reiki and if she would like I could do some healing on him. She was fine with that so I went around and did some reiki on him. He was sweating a lot, I could feel the tingling in my hand and I could feel the warmth coming out but I felt it was really important to make an announcement and see if there were any doctors on board. Two doctors came right to him and I went back to my seat. They have moved him to another seat where he can lay down and rest. He is looking better from before and I do hope it stays that way.

No I'm not going to let anything change my positive attitude. No it did not bring back intense memories of Amaey in the plane, hooked to saline, fading... Oh I turned back to see that they have started oxygen for him and the doctor is back taking his pulse. Swati did that on the flight, she kept checking on Amaey. I could see the worry on her face, when she is thinking she tends to adopt the thinking pose. Arjun kept looking at my face, he could see that I was getting tensed and worried. I was trying really hard not to. I kept telling myself, it's ok. it's ok.

It is so amazing to me, such a full flight and no one really knows what is going on, someone could be really sick, someone could be going in labor, there might be a bride or groom on the flight, someone taking their newborn baby back home for the first time... or a 9 year old might be making his last flight... ever.

6:33) exactly 6 hrs, but who's counting?

The gentleman is stable, he does not need oxygen anymore. His wife seems relaxed too. I still haven't finished the movie because the entire video system went down. Wonderful right? Arjun is busy playing a game on his touch. I got up to get some tea for me since this is usually when I make tea and have a snack at home. Arjun and I shared a veggie sandwich too. The aisle is bustling and I have a butt shoved in my face with people walking like zombies since the TV has been taken away. I wonder if this is their way of getting people to move about... Smart.

My smart plan has been- to stay up the first half of the flight and then sleep until we get to Hong Kong. Then the flight from Hong Kong to Mumbai we should stay up so that when we reach home around 2am, we are ready to crash.

12:40, I think it's am) step up revolution was beautiful. The choreography was breathtaking especially of this dance in a museum. Wow. Arjun ended up watching it too. I was getting sick around that time. Feeling a headache coming and getting that eeky feeling I tend to get in the plane.

6:33pm in hong kong) we are about to land and then hustle for our Bombay flight which takes off in an hour an half.

4:17am SF time and 8pm hong kong time.) We disembarked our long haul flight and went through transfer and then to our gate for Bombay. We only had an hour in between but luckily the gates weren't that far apart. Once at the gate we made a b line to the food court. I ate a veggie bagel sandwich and Arjun had a chicken sandwich and mango juice. Now we are on our second flight, thus time to Mumbai. My strategy for this flight is to stay awake and read. Arjun has to complete some homework. Right now he is playing doodle jump.

9:10am, not sure what time it is in whichever timezone I'm hovering over.) I definitely wasn't feeling great after we sat in this plane and so I decided to sleep. It cut 3 hrs away and now we have 1:10mins before we land. I'm officially done with this journey. Seriously, are we there yet?

11:45pm Bombay. 10:25am SF) yes the eagle has landed. We are still taxing on the ground because they not have a gate for us yet.

This concludes our 24hr journey nice we left our house in SF. Also it is 17th night and by the time we clear customs and drive home it will be past midnight here 18th morning.

It took us a long time to track down our driver because there were a lot of private taxi drivers thanks to the transport closure... families must have rented private cabs to bring their loved ones home. We get in our car and get on the road and I realize that if we had arrived any later, we would have had to sleep at the airport because the roads were completely empty and as we were driving away, they were closing roads behind us.

We were so glad to reach home and be on stable ground and a real bed. I managed to keep my end of the bargain, stay positive.

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