Friday, January 04, 2013

Green shake

Today is the first time I made our green shake after almost a year and 3 months.

I make a smoothie almost every single morning. I have some usuals and then I try some new recipes.

I started making the green shake after doing a lot of research on the benefits of wheatgrass. I made it for Amaey and made it every single day. The wheatgrass and spirulina is what I wanted him to get to help him avoid transfusions. Frankly, we did avoid few transfusions and his doctor would ask me when he was bordering low on hemoglobin if I wanted to transfuse him or if I wanted to try my system and then check back in few days.

It helped us too. We all needed to be really strong and avoid colds and illness because Amaey's immunity was so low.

I do not know why I picked today to make it? I know that after Amaey passed, Arjun could not eat or drink anything I use to obsessively make for Amaey. 

Here is the recipe-

Today's green shake had-
2 cups spinach
1 avacado
1 apple peeled
2 cups apple juice
1/2 cup water
1 scoop whey protein
1 sccop wheatgrass (you can use fresh wheatgrass juice too)
1 scoop spirulina


davina said...
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davina said...

As long as I can remember – we have heard of the infamous green shake. I have been so impressed with all the remedies and holistic research that you have always somehow found time for. Years ago, when I first hear of this shake I was also really impressed that Amaey would actually drink it every day.
Joe has just come down with a cold or flu. In a couple of days, I leave for a work trip to Boston which will be right about the time everyone else catches what Joe has! This is a busy week as the boys have their shadow visits and interview with future schools. Time to pull in the “big-guns” and make green shake for everyone.

Well – after returning from Trader Joe’s and Whole foods, I discovered that this shake did not get it’s green name from it’s color ($$$)! Really Purvi – you should have provided some sort or warning along with the recipe! :) After my new investment, I was determined that everyone in the house was going to have green shake – regardless.

I was so excited to make this shake that at first, I forgot to add the avocado. The shake was so foamy and gritty. The avocado is really the bonding agent in this drink. Joe drank it without a problem but claimed that he could not taste anything due to being sick. Evette decided that her shake would taste better with a banana mashed inside. Ezra diligently drank his without any complaints. Gabriel on the other hand, whipped out the crocodile tears and complete drama act on how he can’t possibly drink it and left it on the counter to change to even more beautiful colors. I, thought that it was perfect and am ready to make it again tomorrow. I have to get my money’s worth right?? I hope I will have some returning customers – if not – please stop by- now serving both Chai and Green Shake!

Thanks for sharing!

Purvi Shah said...

I hope the Moussa family does not hate me now!. The Kids are going to start bribing me... I see that coming :)