Monday, February 06, 2006

Amaey's Montessori

This morning Amaey woke up really happy because he was going to his montessori. I asked him if he was really excited and he says in a very Amaey way, "I'm medium excited". When we got there he was glued to my feet. Luckily we got there early so it was not busy and overwhelming. I got him started on his blocks table and told him I will be close by and will come and pick him up before he got tired. His teachers warmly told me not to worry, they will make it a special day for him.
I slipped out when he was engrossed in his work. I had my cell phone glued to me, kept adjusting my ringer my ringtone. Every 20mins I wondered if I had any missed calls but there was nothing. Amaey was OK afterall.

I went to pick him up at 11am and all his teachers said he was absolutely fine. Amaey's big smile told me he was very very happy. As we walked to the car I asked him if he had a medium kind of day and he said, "No it was not medium it was really good".

I must credit the Montessori, it's director and staff for our willingness to send Amaey back to school so soon. They have been the most amazing people I have come across. We will send him based on his energy level and the weather. Definitely two days a week for now and if he is really holding up maybe 3 days.

Today was a big turning point in Amaey's treatment. The fact that we sent him to school, we let him be out in the world... alone... He must be doing better.