Saturday, January 28, 2006

8 weeks of honeymoon

Amaey started his Consolidated maintenance on thursday. The next 8 weeks are going to be easy. Next 4 weeks we do not have any procedures and we only need to go back to the hospital for bloodwork.
He had 3 questions for the doctor when we went in on the 26th--
- when can i start going to school
- when can i go to disneyland
- can i go to coyote point museum?

The doctor said school is a great idea and museum is fine as well however we will need to wait on disneland for a while.

I have started a music class with him and i took him for a visit to his school last week. He was really overwhelmed when he went there. All the teachers and children were genuinely happy to see him. I guess he wasn't expecting special attention so he just shyed away and was glued to my feet the entire time.

If anyone saw Amaey right now there is nothing in his persona that would make you feel that he is sick. He is not neutropinic anymore so we can see friends and family and take him places. Act as normal as we can. It's nice to have this respite. However his temperament is something else. I do not know if it is 3.5yr tantrums or the medicines. I'm sure it's a little of both.

Now that things are setteling a bit Arjun is showing signs of adjustment. He gets upset at Amaey, complains that he is not getting enough attention and wants his alone time.

As for myself... I used to get more done when I was working. I'm convinced that it takes a different type of person to be a stay at home mom. Am I that person? I do not think so. Can I be that person? I guess I will just have to learn on the job and find out.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Bunny

Sorry for the long pause.
Arjun's school has started so life got busy again.
Amaey is doing much much better this week. He is lot more energetic. Still gets tired and can't walk for too long but we did our first park outing and he took his tricycle to the Ryder Park.
He is quite moody still. One moment he is happy and the other minute in tears for something unrelated.
Appetite... oh dexamethasone where are you!! never thought I would say that. But ever since they have stopped his steroids he is back to his normal weight(which is good) because Amaey does not feel like eating anything. We had created a menu for him and all the foods that he use to crave he totally dislikes them now so we are working on a new menu now.

That's fine though because hearing him chat like a chatterbox and play like a happy bunny is beautiful.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year from ER

Yup we are in ER.

Amaey had fever off and on since late afternoon. At 10pm we called the doctor and they told us to take him to ER.

The four of us decided to stay together and celebrate New Year... wherever it was to be.

They have drawn blood and we will be here for couple of hours until they decide what caused the fever. The new Pediatric ER at Stanford is quite a treat for kids thats for sure. The boys were really busy playing video games and watching movies. Amaey's room is equipped with 2 screens... for the kids it was exciting to be up until midnight and hear the countdown into the new year... who cares if it was in ER.
Well 2006 has rolled in and I must say it is going to be a year of family, togetherness and sharing.

Warm wishes to everyone for 2006. Wish you all a very warm and peaceful year from our family to yours.