Friday, May 19, 2006

Over the hump

May 18th we started Amaey's maintenance phase. In this phase Amaey will get chemo every 4 weeks and will undergo procedure with anesthesia every 12 weeks. We will need to go for blood tests every week but that's all.
The conversation with the doctors made it seem that life should be back to some form of normalcy. Amaey can go back to school fulltime, we can start his swimming and soccer... the three things he really loves.
So this made me feel like our summer will be less anxious.

I want to take the wait and see attitude. I'm not running out and screaming with joy and nor am I already thinking about what should I be doing now. I need to see how he does in this new phase over the next few months. Settle into the new schedule and then start him off in preschool and see how he does with a normal life and only then will I start asking what about me...
Because everytime I ask the me quetion and brave myslef to take up projects something brings it to a halt. I'm a bit tired of picking up and starting fresh.

We haven't brought out the champagne and celebrated the new phase yet... but I must say there is a sense of relief and now I will have to learn to loosen up a bit.

Thank you all for staying so close to us and helping us get through our really intense period in life. We appreciate every single gesture, every helping hand and personally I thank everyone that listened... and everyone that simply filled in all the gaps in my day-to-day life.

Monday, May 08, 2006

In the hospital

Amaey had a fever on sat around 8pm and I took him to ER. We got admitted that night and are sill in the hospital. Our doctors had warned us about this. His last round of chemo was really strong and that changed all the numbers in his body.

Since he had a bad cough they were worried about pneumonia but a chest xray rulled that out. They ran a bunch of tests on him to rule out all other infections and luckily all came back negative. I just came back from the hospital and he is looking really good. No fever since yesterdy so that is a good sign.

Once his counts are back up they will let us go home again. The main doctor that has been assigned to Amaey's case looked at me and said... hey we haven't seen you here since his treatment so you are doing really well. Frankly this is routine for his treatment for kids to end up with infections and fevers and then be admitted.

The fact that we are so close to the hospital, have such a good team of doctors and Amaey is really chugging along well is a good sign.