Sunday, June 20, 2010

First week of summer break

The weather can get hot or cold and windy sometimes but the shah family is cruising along. Kids have been up at 9 and 10am, Have been catching up with their friends, long extended play dates, fun movies at home, burnt food from mom.
Today is fathers day and after a late slow start they are quite excited to celebrate it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To dexamethasone and beyond!

Amaey's 7 day dexa pills in May became the busiest time for me. I went to Trader Joes or Safeway every other day. Not kidding about it. I could not believe it that my cart would be full everytime I went to the grocery store. Amaey was so frustrated that all he could think about was food. He would sleep with a big menu planned for breakfast, he would plan his lunch menu before getting up from the breakfast table, and scan the freezer and fridge for all his snacks.

He did try to go to school some of those days but it was hard for him. One day I went to pick him up at 10:30 after Apurva had just dropped him off at 8:45. He was curled on the floor of his class. He could not stand because he was starving.

Well, we are so glad that that is all behind us. Amaey had a procedure on May 25th and that marked the beginning of his maintenance treatment. Now he only has to go in the clinic for blood tests and not even stay for the results. we call it the in and out burger days. The hospital calls us with his lab results and then we can give him his oral chemo pills. This is a 5 week honeymoon period.

The icing on the cake was, Amaey got to attend the last 2 weeks of school. He got to participate in the art and science day that he absolutely loves about his school, he got to participate in all the end of the year festivities, he also got to go for a classmates b'day!! How normal is that? We were so happy for him. Bookending the school experience with homeschooling in the middle. He does not remember not being in school anymore. For him, he was at school the entire year. I love this short term memory children possess. I wish we had that too. I wish I could forget all that he went through this school year.

The last 2 weeks of Amaey being in school were wonderful for me. I was like a bird out of her cage. I caught up on life's finer moments and practical things. Got my car serviced. Got a haircut. Made a visit to the dentist. Bought gifts for all the events that happened in the year, like our neighbors newborn who is already 1, my friend Renata's 2nd baby gift, and I haven't even seen the baby yet, mailed gifts to my dear Carmen and her twins. I still have a long list.... The best was, walking into a spa first thing in the morning and getting a massage, extremely impromptu. They happened to have an opening and I jumped on it. Thanks to my sister who sent me a spa certificate I indulged. I caught up on work for Kids & Art, had lunch and dinner dates with friends and colleagues I so wanted to reconnect with.

All in all it felt like a normal life. I wasn't looking at my phone the entire time for emergency calls from the school. I wasn't canceling out from commitments at the last minute. I wasn't on high alert. Well, I was out and about doing things. I was relaxed, happy, myself.

We are looking forward to a good summer. I don't know what mood changes due to the meds will occur after the 5week honeymoon is over but I will think about it when i get there. Until then, bring in one more margarita won't you!