Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 9 2007

Happy New Year.

Apurva and I went out for dinner with friends on New Year's Eve and the kids were home with 2 other kids and our nanny. I did not stare at the phone, did not have it on my table while eating dinner. It was cool. I just checked on them once and that was it. Unlike last year when our family celebrated New Years Eve in ER and did the countdown witht he ER docs.

This year tested us as a family. We were stretched in every direction and as life usually goes... nothing else slowed down. Arjun still had school, activites, homework, Apurva still had work, late nights at work and deadlines, sinks filled up, light bulbs blew off, yard needed maintenance. On top of this we seem to have taken the treatment in our stride. It's part of our TO DO list.

Every monday is a busy day, Pick-up the boys, take Amaey swimming, after I change him at the pool I put his Embla cream( a numbing cream) on his arm and drive to the hospital for his blood test. From there we go for Kumon and then we get home. A normal day huh!

No complains, seriously. I would rather have it that way instead of making it a big production everytime we take him to the hospital.