Saturday, November 08, 2008

Amaey is 6

We celebrated Amaey's 6th b'day. I couldn't get over the fact that he has spent half his life, exactly half his life in treatment. Crazy huh!
We celebrated it in small bits. Few days before his b'day we surprised him by inviting his special buddy Gabriel and Christopher, Elias, Andrew and of course Arjun to the Lego store. After being totally surprised and thrilled to see all his favorite people at his favorite store they checked out all the new clone wars lego sets, checked out every inch of the store, played with some of the swords, built some lego contraptions and once they were hungry we walked over to CPK and had his favorite pizza dinner.
The night before his b'day, I was working and Amaey comes and sits next to me around 11:30pm. He did not seem sleepy at all so I decided to offer him a midnight snack and keep him up until midnight so that I could sing Happy Birthday to him at midnight.We watched some TV, ate snacks and looked at animated birthday cards online and sang Happy Birthday at midnight (at least 10 times) and then ... On his b'day day we had some of his super special people over for dinner Aditi and Rita, Raj, Sid and Nooni. A special night where he decided the menu (cheese quesedilla, guacamole, chips, spanish rice and black bean soup) and cake.
It's beautiful to see them grow.