Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Amaey is back in school this year. This is really great because it means that he is doing well enough that we do not have to worry about casual sniffles and such.

He has done really well in his first month. He does get chemo once a month and steroids at the same time so that slows him down a bit. But compared to last year where he was happy for 2 days out of 7, now he is happy for 3 weeks out of 4.

His hair is all back and we had to go and get his first haircut as well. He was really thrilled to get his lollipop at the end. Can you imagine not getting a lollipop for almost 9 months??? That's major withdrawl.

Camp Okizu

We went to Camp Okizu on Sept 2-4. This camp is organized for Cancer families. It was a 4.5 hour drive east of Sacramento. We had a wonderful time. They had so much to do for the entire family. We did not have to worry about anything. We had a cabin with a deck, breakfast, lunch and dinner were cooked for us. From 9-12 they had activites for kids based on their age while the adults could chill or participate in group therapy with a doctor.

In the afternoon we did the zip line, Arjun climbed redwood trees. I climbed a tall tree and mid air crossed from one tree to another and belayed down and Apurva was our tarzan jumping from one hoop to the next on top of a tree. Amaey sat and watched his crazy family.

Later the first night they had a camp fire and the kids had a blast singing campy songs and eating smores. Second night they had a dance party. Amaey and Arjun danced till they dropped.

The best part was sleeping outside under the big tall trees. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect...

What amazed us was that this organization runs on volunteers. Except for maybe 2 people that are on a payroll they had 30+ volunteers of all ages. We saw a lot of teenagers. Some were cancer survivors, others siblings off. A few grandparents in the midst as well.