Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year from ER

Yup we are in ER.

Amaey had fever off and on since late afternoon. At 10pm we called the doctor and they told us to take him to ER.

The four of us decided to stay together and celebrate New Year... wherever it was to be.

They have drawn blood and we will be here for couple of hours until they decide what caused the fever. The new Pediatric ER at Stanford is quite a treat for kids thats for sure. The boys were really busy playing video games and watching movies. Amaey's room is equipped with 2 screens... for the kids it was exciting to be up until midnight and hear the countdown into the new year... who cares if it was in ER.
Well 2006 has rolled in and I must say it is going to be a year of family, togetherness and sharing.

Warm wishes to everyone for 2006. Wish you all a very warm and peaceful year from our family to yours.

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