Tuesday, January 27, 2009

End of Treatment!!

January 26 2009, Amaey is finally done with his treatment for ALL
!! Arjun did not go to school, Apurva and I took the day off and the 4 of us went to the hospital for Amaey's last treatment. We took pictures of everything Amaey did... I wanted to document it all.
Later we went to the Sharma house to celebrate with Izzy and then to Sino for a celebratory dinner. Finally around 9pm I took Amaey to the Moussa residence. From there I took Gabriel and Amaey for ice-cream. This was a plan concocted by Amaey. The last day of treatment was carefully choreographed by Amaey  and we had to make sure we did everything. Frankly, we would do anything to make this all happen. This was a special day for Amaey and he deserved to get what he wanted.

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