Monday, July 26, 2010

Chemo and all

Amaey has a new protocol where he goes in the hospital once a week for 4 weeks to get his chemo. It takes us  5 to 7 hours on those days. These are long days but the highlight is... we come home. Today is the 3rd week so after the 4th cycle he will be on his honeymoon week again where he goes in once a week for 6 weeks for labs and then take his oral chemo pills.

Grandparents are in town and it has been wonderful. We took a holiday and went to kauai for a week. We had Amaey and Apurva's dad to worry about. Luckily everyone came back home unharmed and we did not need to pay a visit at the local hospital. However, we did locate it and made a mental note of the distance from the hotel and such.

So far Amaey has done a Lego camp and half of Marine Science camp. The week he started his Marine camp they called and told me he was neutropenic so I had to pull him out and keep him home. He was quite bummed. Frankly so was I. I was looking forward to a week of exercise, some time to work, and some time to myself. So when I had to keep him home Wednesday onwards I was really upset too.

Amaey's long hospital days are almost sanctuary for me now. I have a day where I'm not running around. I can catch up on work, calls, and anything else that needs attention, like cutting my nails. Yup I do have a nail cutter and filer in my purse. On the other hand the hospital days almost worry me because any amount of exercise I might have done will go undone in one day because I will end up eating out, snacking on a cookie with my coffee and will probably be sitting on my butt for the 5-7 hours because I don't like to leave him alone. So weird that I think about all this but then this is my life now... so what do I do? I can't shove these thoughts, these selfish, worldly thought from my mind. They are just a fact of my life.

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