Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Amaey's Birthday party

We celebrated Amaey's 4th b'day on July 16. It was wonderful to see him enjoy with his friends amidst music, singing and parachutes.
It's really rewarding to see how well he is doing.

He goes to the clinic every week for blood test. After the test results are back the doctor calls and based on his results we give him his oral chemo tablets. Once a month he goes in to the clinic for Vincristine which is a chemo they inject through his port. He also gets his oral tablets and a 5 day dose of steroids. This usually knocks him down for 5 days. He is usually slow, highly emotional, indecisive and low after this. Every 12 weeks he has a spinal tab procedure and for this he has to undergo anesthesia.

I'm sure all of this must sound too much. But, from where we were... this is very easy to handle. Much more manageable and normal.

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