Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A nine year old's musical journey

Here are some videos of Amaey's performances and other glimpses into his beautiful life!

6 years old. Playing party.

7 years old, first performance.

8 year old performance with his music school.

9 yearl old. He could not perform at the venue so we taped him and the music school played these two performances at the event.


Anonymous said...

So sweet. He enjoys playing - he is smiling all the way thru. How old was he in this video?

- Abby.

Lisa Stone said...

Look how much fun he is having! The third video is my favorite - the difference between those boy-pudgy hands and that particular piece. Thank you Purvi.

Vandana Sahrawat said...

Hi Purvi, I love how his whole body dances as he plays. I can't stop thinking of Amaey and how much he accomplished in such a short time. We also took 2 of his bookmark poems. I showed it to my dad and he too was so amazed that a small child could put such thoughts into such a sweet poem. He certainly seems to do with ease what most of us adults are still struggling with. Thank you for sharing these.

Sinem said...

Purvi, my heart is with you...