Friday, November 22, 2013


I just re read my last post and I can see why I received so many concerned emails from friends and loved ones.
Yes I did start Kids & Art again and I cannot be more thankful. The mom who had called me did come with her son at our October workshop and I was so happy to see her son. He was this shy boy, all he wanted was to do his art. He did not utter a single word... He spoke through his art and that said a lot.

Do I get sad when I'm at a workshop? Yes I won't lie, but do I get sad when I'm driving and suddenly hear a talk on science? Do I get sad, when I close my eyes to take in the warm steam of my tea because when my eyes are closed I see Amaey's glasses fogging up? Do I get sad in my happiest moments? I will have to say yes to all of that. Does that mean I stop doing all of that?

I feel very rewarded for continuing Kids & Art. I feel rewarded because I have some amazing people who have reached out to me to volunteer to keep the organization going. I feel rewarded when families tell me that they haven't seen their child so happy in a long time. I feel rewarded when children get to start and finish their art and feel proud of their accomplishment. I know that with the treatment they have to leave a lot of things unfinished... Creating a masterpiece that they can look at and say 'I did that'.... That is totally amazing.

I just feel grateful that I have so many people watching out for me.

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Renata said...

It is so great to read the word "amazing" coming from you again with such enthusiasm... :)