Friday, March 12, 2010

So where are we?

It has been long 4 days and they are not over yet.
I don't know where to begin from since a lot has happened since we got admitted on Tuesday.

Tuesday day was fine until 6pm when the 1st does of chemo was making it's way in Amaey's body. He slowed down and got really cranky and tired. He slept early that night but was up the entire night because he had intense diarrhea. In between nurse check-ins and meds and waking up to go to the bathroom the entire night went in a state of frenzy.

Apurva came in to relieve me in the morning. When I left the hospital at 9am Amaey was still weak and in bed and he sounded cranky too. Throughout the day when I would call to check-in he seemed slow and sleepy. He did not have a fever so that was good. Apurva forced him out of bed around 6pm to change and freshen-up and he went back to sleep again. Around 8pm he tried to feed him some broth and called me so that I could sing to him. I did, and all 4 of us were on speaker and Apurva asked Amaey to say a few words to us... nothing. We all tried to get some reaction from him but nothing happened. I thought he was low energy and sleepy so I did not push it and put the phone down.

After My phone call, Amaey threw up. Apurva said he threw up a lot and then he almost became listless. He stared with his eyes but said nothing. He just stared blankly. Apurva got really scared and called the nurse who called the doctor. I got a call from Apurva around 10pm. He said Amaey did not look good and he wanted me to leave and come to the hospital right away. I reached the hospital to find lot of activity outside his room and atleast 8 people around his bed. Everyone was looking at a still, pale, bloated little child. I do not know what they were saying. They were saying a lot of things. Apurva was trying to repeat the same information over and over again to different folks. Next thing we are taking him for a CT scan. I was holding his hand the whole time. Apurva and I were trying to make him talk, move, move his lids, squeeze my hand... nothing. However, I could eel the warmth from his palm and that made me feel like he was there.

After the CT they decided to take him to the ICU. A lot of different things happened in the ICU. He was looked at by lot of people, new meds, ivy and such. He still looked the same. However, I was still holding his palm and I realized that he was grabbing my finger. He would not let go. That was a good sign. Around 4am we saw his eyeballs move very slightly. I do not remember the time but he was suddenly agitated and tugging his pants, they had hooked some bags for him to pee into and he was trying to pull it off. We were so relieved to see him coming back to life.
Long story short, lot of different things happened in the hours we were at the ICU. Finally at 10ish they moved us to a recovery room in the ICU and that felt good. Around 4pm they moved him back to his room.

He is still weak and complaining of aches and pains. BUT he is much better than he was the night before.

Apparently his sodium was very low and his electrolytes were out of whack. They could not give him his last does for ARC which was due at 4am. The oncologists decided that they will not give it to him anymore. He is officially done with this deathly medicine.

He still needs to get 1 more chemo but they are waiting for his lab results before they can do anything. Not sure when we will go home. I would rather he get better before we leave the hospital. This was bloody scary and we don't want to take any chances.


renata said...

so glad to hear amaey is feeling better and you are all breathing easier now. i could barely breathe while reading, so i can only imagine how scary this was. tell him i cannot wait to hear about the delicious menu he will be eating pretty soon. he always amuses me with his special requests; one of these days we'll have to do the "amaey take out tour" and try all these foods we hear about...

Purvi Shah said...

No restaurants or take outs this week. We are trying a serious lock down. His counts are usually low these 2 weeks and we always end up in the hospital with a fever.
We want to see if we can avoid that.

But I must say that he already tried his level best to go out for pizza, pasta, as well as something very exotic. That's Amaey.