Friday, April 02, 2010


Amaey went to his schools open house on April Fools day. He was so excited to be there. He had a big plan and this is what it looked like-
- Ma, drop us at school and look for parking
- Didi and I will first go meet My 3 K/1 teachers
- Then we will walk up to my class
- Go down to Gabriel's class
- Then walk over to Christopher and Elias's class
- Go to the art show

So I asked, how will I find you... no answer.

Finally, we did decide to meet at his class before he went galavanting around the school. It was really nice to see some of his assignments on display. What was most touching was to learn that every morning they still include Amaey in the roll call protocol. How amazing is that?
Also, they had a project called the missing person and the class got together and created a profile to fit Amaey. He is really lucky to have such amazing teachers.

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